How new 2017 Volkswagen vehicles stand out in their respective segments

May 31 2017,

How new 2017 Volkswagen vehicles stand out in their respective segments

Volkswagen is obviously not the only German automaker offering vehicles on the market today, but it is, however, the only German manufacturer in the segments where it operates, well for the most part. It does have the Volkswagen Touareg luxury midsize SUV that competes with the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz, but for the most part Volkswagen operates in segments where its main competition comes from Japanese and Korean brands.

And to be perfectly honest, these models certainly have a lot to offer. The compact sedan segment where the new 2017 Volkswagen Jetta can be found is packed with high-quality models. The same can be said for the compact SUV segment where the all-new 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan will soon be introduced. Yes, competition is fierce, but Volkswagen new vehicles still manage to stand out, and that’s because they offer the following two elements that truly allow them to shine: a typical German road behavior, and a superior level of refinement.

New 2017 Volkswagen vehicles behave like no other cars in their respective price range

You just have to spend a few minutes behind the wheel of a new 2017 Volkswagen vehicle to realize that they have a much tighter and dynamic road behavior than most Japanese or Korean products. Again, nothing against those vehicles, but you can sense the German engineering as soon as you head out on the road in a new Volkswagen. Handling is sharp, precise, and quick to react. Performance is smooth, and power delivery is spot on.

On a bumpy road, you can feel how stable and solid the car is, and how well it reacts to imperfections. There is no cracking or shaking, and new Volkswagen vehicles just feel planted and glued to the road.

A level of refinement only new 2017 Volkswagen vehicles can offer

The 2017 Volkswagen lineup of new vehicles also stands out when it comes to overall refinement. As you step inside a new Volkswagen, you can immediately tell that everything was put together with care and passion. The quality of the materials is more than above average, and the overall layout is simple to use and ergonomic. The seats are comfortable, but they also hold you in place quite well.

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