Wonderful car buying experience!

Our car buying experience was wonderful!! My wife and I had shopped at another VW dealer in Calgary but they did not have the trim package or the color we wanted AND they said we'd get charged $500.00 more if we wanted to get a car they did not have. So one call to the new car salesman, Alajandro, at Fifth Avenue, and he had us coming over to their dealership the next day and we bought exactly the car we wanted. Awesome experience for us!! We had great service from everyone in the dealership and they even delivered the car for us on the next Saturday. Thank you to our friends at Fifth Avenue VW!!! I know where to go FIRST next time I need a car.

Other customers satisfied

We were looking for a new vehicle to replace our 2003 VW Jetta. Mitsubishi, Toyota and VW were on our list. We visited the other dealerships and did not have that great of an experience.... Read more

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