Ride the Wave of the Future in Style with the 2024 VW ID Buzz at Fifth Avenue VW!


Get ready to redefine your driving experiences with a perfect fusion of nostalgia and futuristic innovation! The 2024 VW ID Buzz, reincarnating the legendary charm of the iconic microbus, is on its way to Fifth Avenue VW in 2023! Discover a world where sustainable mobility, retro charm, and modern sophistication collide exclusively at your trusted Volkswagen dealer—Fifth Avenue VW.

Retro Charm and Modern Innovation

Retro Charm and Modern Innovation

Blending a mix of charm and modern innovation, the ID Buzz proudly joins Volkswagen’s groundbreaking ID family to envision a future where sustainable and innovative mobility is accessible to everyone. It seamlessly combines the timeless appeal of the microbus with state-of-the-art electric vehicle technology, creating a versatile vehicle that appeals to families, adventure seekers and VW enthusiasts alike.

Create Your Unique Style!

Get ready to express your style with the ID Buzz! Whether you opt for the passenger or cargo van version, this vehicle offers adaptability with its spaciousness and comfortable wheelbase. Personalize your journey by choosing from a range of paint schemes and colour options, ensuring that your ID Buzz reflects your taste and preferences.

Create Your Unique Style
Unparalleled Performance & Efficient Journeying

Unparalleled Performance & Efficient Journeying

Experience performance and efficient journeys with the battery of the ID Buzz. With a range of up to 480 km per charge, you can embark on adventures. The convenient charging options further enhance your convenience. Additionally you have the choice between two powertrain options that cater to your driving preferences allowing you to enjoy smooth rides while leaving zero emissions behind.

Drive With Confidence!

Equipped with pioneering technology and safety features, including a digital cockpit, head-up display, and the advanced IQ Drive system, the ID Buzz ensures your journeys are not just comfortable but also secure. With planned autonomous driving features, navigate the roads of tomorrow with ease and assurance.

Drive With Confidence
A Lifestyle Statement

A Lifestyle Statement!

Beyond being a means of transportation, the ID Buzz represents a lifestyle choice. It offers more than getting from point A to point B—it embraces a sense of adventure, whether it’s embarking on road trips, enjoying camping excursions, creating memories, with family outings or making meaningful connections during business trips. You’ll discover a blend of comfort, eco-consciousness and nostalgic joy in every journey. With its features and thoughtful design, the ID Buzz effortlessly adapts to meet your every need.

Reserve Your Slice of the Future With Fifth Avenue VW!


Reserve Your Slice of the Future With Fifth Avenue VW

Don’t just drive; drive with a statement! Pre-order your 2024 VW ID Buzz at Fifth Avenue VW starting in 2023. We are your go-to destination for all things Volkswagen in Calgary. Exceptional service, passionate dedication, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations are what we deliver. Connect with us and let us assist you in finding your dream vehicle that’s more than just a car—it’s a lifestyle!