Getting Your Car Ready for the Upcoming Winter Season

a Volkswagen car behind the woods covered in snow

Winter is finally around the corner, so now is the perfect time to get your vehicles ready to tackle the forthcoming extreme snowfalls, slippery road surfaces and decreased visibility. Even if you’re a routine driver or a professional, you would agree that driving in winter is both challenging and unsafe. From freezing door latches to fluctuating battery charges, winter comes with many problems that may affect the functionality of your car. This is why you must prepare it beforehand to drive smoothly and conveniently throughout the extremely cold months. To get your vehicle ready for snow, here’re a few tips from the certified technicians at Fifth Avenue Volkswagen that you must keep in mind. 

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5 Ways To Get Your Car Ready For the Winter Season 

In winter, your cars demand special attention and care to ensure you and everyone around you remain safe on the road. Here’re some simple tips that help you prepare your vehicle to drive safely in wintertime conditions. 

  • Changing to winter tires: Don’t rely on your all-season tires, even if they promise maximum versatility and lasting performance during winter. Please remember that you need maximum traction control on sloppy road surfaces, which can be provided with the best-quality winter tires. Moreover, snow tires have broader grooves and distinct tread patterns, providing the utmost off-road balance. 
  • Inspect your car’s battery:  The capacity of a battery charge tends to get lower during cold weather, meaning you should always inspect it before planning an outdoor trip. And make sure to clean and protect the battery terminals as they become prone to extreme moisture buildup during the winter season.
  • Schedule a maintenance checkup: You wouldn’t want to get stuck in heavy snowfall due to a failing engine or an electric component, which is why you should schedule a maintenance service to get all the important parts and features of your car checked by a professional.
  • Prepare an emergency kit: Pack an extra gallon of windshield washer fluid, battery cables, handheld shovel and tire chains, don’t forget to pack your mittens, winter jacket, hand warmers, snacks and snow boots in your winter survival kit. This emergency kit helps you keep going until roadside assistance comes your way. 
  • Check your car’s exhaust pipe: If your car, truck or SUV becomes stuck in the snow, be sure that its exhaust pipe is clear of obstructions. Snow, slush, or ice can get caught in the tailpipe, leading to carbon monoxide building up in the passenger cabin. This is similar to what can happen with your home’s furnace or other heating systems. 

Preparing your car ahead of winter? Schedule a service appointment at Fifth Avenue Volkswagen to get it treated by trained industry professionals.