Why Wash Your Car After It Rains?

a man washing a black sedan

Should You Be Washing Your Car After It Rains? 

You’re wrong if you think letting your car sit in the rain will save you from needing to wash your car. In fact, you should wash it after rainfall because it can damage your vehicle without you knowing about it. Though rainfalls are natural, they’re not as clean as many might think. When rains fall from the air, they collect dirt, debris and dust particles. These natural pollutants accumulate on your car, affecting its finish and potentially damaging the exterior paint. 

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Acid rains are another phenomenon you may experience, especially when living in a place with heavy air pollution. The toxins and contaminants make a harmful cocktail of pollutants that can severely damage your car. Freezing rains and winter salt are also bad for your vehicle, damaging the car’s exterior and creating rust. Below are some easy ways to clean your car after rain. 

How to Take Care of Your Car After Rainfall 

  • Handwashing your car at home is one of the most effective ways to remove rain deposits from your vehicle. Avoid using aggressive soaps and shampoos to clear off the pollutants and residue; instead, be generous with the clean water shower. 
  • Using a dry microfiber towel is another handy way to clean your vehicle after rainfalls. Use a car cleaner to remove the water spots with a dry towel after thoroughly rinsing it with clean water. 
  • Pay attention to the confined spaces like door handles, windshield wipers, front and bumper grille, fenders and hatches to avoid rain deposits that might be overlooked. 
  • Leave the doors and windows open to let them completely dry, especially when you wash them after freezing rain if conditions allow. 
  • Avoid parking your car under trees after rainfall because the water drops from up there can cause damage to your vehicle by collecting sap or pollen. 
  • Use appropriate car wax to protect your vehicle’s exterior from environmental damage.

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