What to Do if You Leave Your Windows Open in the Rain?

two men sitting inside a car in rain

How Do You Get Rain Water Out of Your Car’s Interior? 

It’s normal to roll down your car’s windows to enjoy the warmth of a fine summer day. But what if that pleasant sunshine turns into an unexpected downpour, and you won’t be able to roll up the windows as fast as you should? No one wants their car’s interior to soak up in the rain, especially when it’s equipped with high-end technology, such as a multimedia centre, heads-up display or premium audio system. 

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Rainwater can make your car unpleasant with a peculiar smell, mould and mildew quickly taking hold. To eliminate all this, you need to take some quick action by following these tips:

Get the excessive water out

This is the first step, whether you have standing water or damp seats in your car. Use a huge towel to wipe the seats or soak the standing water from the floor. Use a wet/dry vacuum to remove excess moisture from underneath the car seats and the floor mats, car seats and carpets.

Use a blower or high-speed fan

Bringing air into your wet car helps you get rid of the musty smell and mould. You can also leave your car open for at least 48 hours, depending upon the situation, to let it dry naturally. Park your vehicle under sunlight if possible. This may help dry the seat fabric or upholstery.

Check the Confined Spaces 

This includes the centre console, cup holders, steering wheel, seat belts, door knobs and every other space where you suspect mould buildup. Use a toothbrush to break up the spores to dry out the confined areas. You can also use white vinegar on these areas to mitigate mould growth before it gets out of control. 

Use Disposable Moisture Absorbers 

Grab moisture-absorbing products, such as silica gel, desiccant or calcium chloride crystals, which are readily available. Use these moisture absorbing products primarily on the dashboard to soak moisture from the audio system, available multimedia system, steering wheel and driver information centre. Be sure to follow the directions for the particular product you’ve chosen.

Find Professional Help

Fifth Avenue Volkswagen has one of the best automotive detailing teams in Calgary. Our experienced team has saved the interiors of a lot of vehicles over the years. Bring your rain-soaked vehicle to us as soon as possible. Quick action is necessary to prevent water damage from destroying your vehicle’s interior.

Book an appointment with certified technicians at Fifth Avenue Volkswagen to schedule routine maintenance and expert automotive detailing. If you’ve accidentally left your car windows open in the rain, avail our corrosion inspection service for a quick car checkup.