What are the Advantages of Buying a Used Vehicle?

It’s one of the most standard and common questions we receive at our dealership, why should I buy used? Many people are attuned to the many benefits of buying used, while others may have only stuck to the new side of vehicles, unaware of all of the benefits that come with purchasing a previously used vehicle. Now is truly one of the best times to buy a used vehicle, as dealerships such as ours have put a huge focus on this side of our business over the last few years. Read on with our Fifth Avenue Volkswagen team as we outline some of the top highlights of why you should consider buying used.

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Cost Savings

This is, perhaps, the most obvious one, and, also, perhaps, the most pertinent to your buying journey. We all would love to pay less money for the vehicle of our dreams. Not only are traditional used vehicles generally priced lower than new vehicles, but you also avoid the huge chunk of depreciation that comes with buying a new vehicle. Sure, used vehicles do depreciate but not to the level of a new vehicle as soon as you drive it off the lot, especially in comparison to how much you just paid for it. That’s spending money that you could be saving, so look at buying used and avoid the hit to the wallet.

Get the Exact Model You Want

Vehicles come and go, trim levels may be around for a couple years before they disappear, features may pop up on a vehicle only to go away soon. When you buy new you’re stuck with only a set number of models and vehicles available to you, and with so much discerning taste from buyers it’s very possible you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for with this large purchase. Buying used, though, opens up so many more possibilities, allowing you to go after that unique model from 8 years ago that has the perfect look and comfort that you enjoy. Or, that specially-tuned off-road vehicle that they just don’t quite make like they used to. Get the exact model you want and buy used.

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Young Couple buys a car in a car dealership

More Reviews You Can Trust

When you shop for a new vehicle because said vehicles are fairly new there’s usually a limited amount of knowledge and research on said vehicle. Who knows how well they will fare with years under their belt because they simply have not had enough experience to know. Buying used, on the other hand, is of great benefit for those who love to fully research their next purchase. The internet possesses a limitless amount of ability to research your desired vehicle, with a ton of content from official reviews, customer reviews, video tutorials, blogs and more. Take advantage of that extra time and research your next used vehicle to your heart’s content.

Are you ready to buy used? Have the above points helped steer you in the direction of driving home a used vehicle? There’s even more benefits to buying used, and our Fifth Avenue Volkswagen team would love to show you them. If you’re ready to buy, our used dealership team will help you through the entire buying process, ensuring you get the used vehicle that’s right for your needs. Contact us, today, to begin.