DIY Restore Foggy Headlights

Headlight of the 2022 Volkswagen Taos

DIY Guide To Clean Your Headlights at Home 

Headlights are a vehicle’s most important element as they illuminate your path while guiding you through gloomy or blurry road conditions. But over some time, the headlight lenses become cloudy or turn yellow. This is mainly because they are made of polycarbonate plastic, which is great at resisting harsh road conditions but doesn’t do well in the scorching heat. Though most manufacturers coat a UV protective film over the headlights, they fade with time, resulting in oxidation. 

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Road debris also contributes to foggy headlights by wearing away the protective coating. Below are some DIY methods to help you clean your vehicle’s headlights at home without fancy equipment or abrasive. 

Some Tips to Get Rid Off Blurry Headlights 

1. Clean with toothpaste

As weird as this may sound, toothpaste makes the best budget-friendly polish to clean your vehicle’s headlights. Toothpaste embraces less abrasive properties than lubricants or grease available in the market, meaning it will remain gentle on the headlights without scratching or damaging them. Apply the content generously to the headlights and rub it in a circular motion to witness how effectively it removes the dust and dirt. 

2. Use baking soda and vinegar 

Take an equal amount of baking soda and vinegar and mix them well to get a paste-like consistency. Use this mixture on your hazy headlights in a round, side-by-side motion until it clears off the dust from them. You can use baking soda and a clean damp cloth to get rid of cloudy headlamps. 

3. Make Most of the Bug Spray 

What’s better than using your budget-friendly household items, such as a mosquito-repellent spray for cleaning your headlights? You won’t believe bug sprays are great for getting bright and shiny headlamps. Spray gently on the headlight lenses and scrub the area with a micro-fibre cloth to get clear headlamps. 

How To Protect Your Headlights from Yellowing

The best way to protect your headlights from getting foggy and cloudy is by keeping in mind the following things:

  • While travelling through bumpier, uneven or muddy roads, wash off the dirt or dust particles from the headlamps as the first step to keeping your headlights safe from scratches or damage. 
  • Always park your car in a dry shade away from direct sunlight or harmful UV rays as it may lead to oxidation.
  • Make sure to wipe the headlights with a damp cloth to avoid moisture buildup after a car wash. 

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