How to Increase Your Vehicle’s Trade-in Value?

We all have a unique attachment to our vehicle, and, perhaps, value it a bit more than others may on the market. Either way, when it comes time to sell everybody is always looking for that little bit of an extra edge that increases the value of their vehicle. Our team at Fifth Avenue Volkswagen thought it would be helpful to collect together some of the top tips that can go a long way in increasing the value of your trade-in vehicle. From establishing an initial value to service to detailing to paying off anything outstanding, learn how to get the best value from your vehicle

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Know Your Vehicle’s Value

As we touched on above, people tend to overvalue their own vehicle and are often surprised when they go to sell it and aren’t getting the value they think they deserve. You can either research online and find a typical ballpark for your vehicle from online ads with similar vehicles to yours, or you can actually get it appraised by a dealership such as ours, so you have a price point to work from, and know where you can increase the value from.

Service & Maintain Your Vehicle

This is a point that you should have been doing across the ownership of your vehicle: ensuring that you’re properly maintaining it and getting it serviced when need be at its required intervals. Still, if you haven’t been the best at keeping up, do make sure you get your vehicle serviced, ensuring there is nothing wrong with it, and, if so, so you know what to repair. As well, if you have been getting your vehicle serviced as you should, keeping the maintenance records is a big benefit to proving to prospective customers that said work is legitimate and accounted for.

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Detail Your Trade-in

Detailing is another step up above after service. Once you know your vehicle is in proper working mechanical condition, now is the time to make sure it looks and smells its greatest. It’s a wonder what a proper detail and clean can do for a vehicle to make it seem like it just came off the lot. Dealerships like ours at Fifth Avenue Volkswagen offer professional detailing services with a wide range of packages that you can take advantage of to make your trade-in vehicle worth a lot more in just a few hours.