Phase 3 of the New Fifth Avenue

After 35 years in business and 15 years in the same building, Fifth Avenue Volkswagen is ready for an upgrade! The improved building will allow customers to enjoy a completely new Volkswagen shopping experience. The renovation focuses on opening up the dealership and providing more space for the service and sales departments. The building will include electric charging stations, a 10-car showroom, an 8-car service drive-through, a customer waiting for lounge and much more.

The dealer is currently working on Phase three of construction, this is the complete reconstruction of the Showroom. This is by far the most exciting phase of the four phases of our build. This will allow us to have four more vehicles than we were able to fit in our past showroom. This will make it easier for our customers to view our whole lineup indoors during those chilly and hot months of the year. This will also allow us to showcase all of our beautiful products.

Phase four of our build is moving all the departments back to their forever homes and the completion of our build.

The improved building will reflect the Volkswagen brand standard and provide customers with a more enjoyable experience. Fifth Avenue could not be more excited about this renovation and can hardly wait for its targeted completion date of early 2020. Check out our Construction Sale here for some exciting savings!