Summer Tires vs. Spring Tires: Which is Right for Your Vehicle?

As the weather warms and summer approaches, so should your vehicle's tires! At Fifth Avenue VW, we offer expert advice to help ensure that you choose the right set of wheels for optimal driving performance. Read on as our blog explains why it is wise to consider equipping your car with summer tires during this time, from enhanced traction to increased fuel efficiency!

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Spring Tires

Spring tires are designed to provide optimal driving performance in cooler climates and wet terrain. Their increased tread design enhances traction on slick roads, while their softer rubber compounds remain flexible even when temperatures drop below freezing. Keeping your car outfitted with spring tires is the safest bet for reliable handling during unpredictable weather conditions!

Summer Tires

Summer tires deliver enhanced handling and performance in the warmer months, equipped with less aggressive tread patterns that are suited to hot, dry roads. They also boast a durable rubber compound that offers superior grip while resisting deformations from high temperatures, making them ideal for those sunny days on the road!

Why Switch to Summer Tires?

Spring tires may be ideal for cooler and wetter conditions but can become less effective as temperatures heat up. As soon as temperatures surpass 7 degrees Celsius, summer tires become the superior option, providing superior handling and performance on dry roads while simultaneously decreasing stopping distance for emergencies.

Switching to summer tires can not only boost performance but also enhance fuel efficiency. Due to reduced rolling resistance compared to spring tires, summer tires require less energy when rolling down the road, which translates to savings at both your gas station and reduced carbon footprint.

Be Safe On the Road

While spring and summer may appear similar, driving conditions and temperature variations can have an unexpectedly large effect on tire performance. Switching to summer tires can offer better handling, increased fuel economy, and enhanced safety on the road.


Here Are Five Frequently Asked Questions About Spring And Summer Tires.

When should I transition from winter tires to summer ones?

Switch to summer tires when temperatures consistently reach 7 degrees Celsius or above; they are specifically designed to perform in hotter and drier environments and offer better handling while increasing fuel efficiency.


Can Spring Tires be Used During the Summer?

Though spring tires may work in the heat of summer driving conditions, summer-specific ones provide better grip due to harder rubber compounds and less aggressive tread patterns than their spring-time counterparts and can keep their shape more effectively on hot roadways.


How Can I Determine The Appropriate Summer Tires for My Vehicle?

Selecting suitable summer tires depends upon various considerations, such as your driving style, the make/model/year of vehicle you own/operate and driving conditions expected in your region. Speak to an expert like Fifth Avenue VW about which models and sizes would best suit your specific requirements and needs.


How often should I replace my summer tires?

Summer tires typically last anywhere between 25,000 and 50,000 kilometres depending on tire type, quality, and your driving conditions – it is wise to have your summer tires inspected periodically to maintain optimal performance and safety on the road. It is highly advisable that they receive regular inspections and are replaced as necessary to ensure maximum performance and safety on the roads.

Choose Fifth Avenue VW For All Your Car Needs

At Fifth Avenue VW, we understand how important having the right tires is for your peace of mind and driving experience. Our experts are here to help you make a seamless transition into summer; offering top-quality tire options from trusted brands that will be installed quickly and efficiently, so you can get back behind the wheel with confidence. Contact us today to let our team take care of all your tire needs!