Certified Volkswagen Body Shops in Calgary, AB

Volkswagen owners are a special subset of people inside the automotive industry, with a well-earned reputation for fiercely protecting their vehicles. They will almost certainly know the safest parking spots at every store they visit. That makes seeing a ding, dent or scratch in their Volkswagen vehicle all the more painful. Damage will happen and it’s important to have repair work done by professionals. Fifth Avenue Volkswagen has partnered with some of the best certified Volkswagen body shops in Calgary to help owners get their automobiles back to showroom condition.

Quality VW Collision Repair in Calgary, AB

Each of the body shops Fifth Avenue VW works with has proven itself to be the epitome of professionalism. We suggest contacting one of these body shops to repair your VW vehicle before reaching out to other businesses.

Continental Auto Body Ltd

3300 14 Avenue NE Calgary, AB 403-288-5166

Carstar Calgary Meridian

2520 Centre Avenue NE Calgary, AB 403-248-1485

Speedy Collision NE

2220 32 Avenue NE, Unit 5 Calgary, AB 403-230-4759

Why Do Scratches and Dents Need to be Fixed?

There aren’t many things that will damage a vehicle faster than rust. Believe it or not, automotive paint doesn’t solely exist to help a vehicle stand-out in traffic. The paint’s primary purpose is to protect the underlying metal from rust or corrosion. Unrepaired scratches and dents can compromise this protection. If rust does begin to appear on a vehicle’s body, it will start at the point of least resistance, dents, scratches or other places moisture and salt were able to find bare metal.

Do I Have To Use My Insurance Company’s Body Shop Suggestion?

Dealing with car insurance companies after a collision is never anyone’s favourite thing to do. The Consumer Protection Act codified into law that you can choose any repair shop you would like, even if the insurance companies have suggestions. The final bill for repairs must be more than 10 percent above the original estimate. In Alberta, the final cost cannot be more than 10 percent or $100 (whichever occurs first) of the written estimate. Additionally, repairs must come with a warranty for 90 days or 5,000 km, whichever occurs first. The body shops Fifth Avenue Volkswagen partners with strictly follow all relevant laws and regulations.

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