The 2024 VW Atlas Cross: Embodiment of Automotive Superiority

Step into the world of the 2024 VW Atlas Cross: a marvel where opulent design seamlessly intertwines with a spacious interior, and dynamic performance stands unmatched. Visualize this: cruising through cityscapes with effortless elegance, then transitioning to rugged terrains with commanding power. This isn’t just another car; it’s a testament to innovation and craftsmanship. Dive deeper and explore the attributes that position the Atlas Cross in a league of its own.


Luminous Elegance

This lighting suite goes beyond illumination, exuding brilliance and style. Designed for those who appreciate attention to detail it ensures that your presence is unmistakably noticed on every journey.

Wheel Elegance

Customize your rides elegance. Whether you prefer the design of 18 inch alloys or the commanding presence of 21 inch masterpieces these wheels ensure that every journey becomes a statement.




Tailored Comfort

Step inside the Atlas Cross, and the world outside fades away. Designed to cater to your every whim, the interior is a blend of comfort and elegance. Whether it’s the chilly breath of winter or the searing touch of summer, the heated and ventilated front seats are your personal climate control, ensuring unparalleled comfort on every drive.

Seamless Connectivity

Modern problems require modern solutions. With the wireless charging pad, the Atlas Cross ensures your devices are always charged and ready, all while maintaining the pristine aesthetic of the interior. No more fumbling with cables or searching for ports; just place, charge, and go.

The Digital Cockpit

Elevate your driving experience with a world of information at your fingertips. The digital cockpit, boasting a crystal-clear 10-inch screen, presents everything you need – from speed to navigation, all in high-definition. It’s not just an instrument cluster; it’s your personal driving assistant.




Stay Connected

The future of car connectivity has arrived with Car Net. It’s not an app; it becomes your vehicle’s trusted companion. Whether you want to check its status, find a parking spot, or use commands, Car Net ensures that your Atlas Cross is always accessible even when you’re miles away.

Clear Vision Ahead

Driving is as much about information as it is about intuition. The available head-up display projects critical details directly onto the windshield, so your eyes never leave the road. From speed to navigation prompts, every piece of data is displayed clearly, ensuring you’re always informed and in control.

Your On-Road Guardian

Enter IQ.DRIVE. This suite of safety and assistance features is designed with one goal: to make every drive safer. Whether it’s avoiding a potential collision, staying in your lane, or maintaining distance from the car ahead, IQ.DRIVE has got your back.


Under Watchful Eyes

Never compromise on performance or safety. With continuous tire pressure tracking, stay informed of even the slightest change, ensuring peak performance and safety.

Reversing Made Easy

Reverse with confidence and precision. With clear visuals and dynamic feedback, this system ensures you navigate tight spots effortlessly and park with unparalleled ease.




Turbocharged Marvel

At the heart of the Atlas Cross lies a beast waiting to be unleashed. The turbocharged 2.0 TSI engine, delivering a robust 269 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque, promises a ride that’s as exhilarating as it is smooth. Every press of the pedal is an invitation to adventure.

Smooth Transition

Experience driving like never before. The 8-speed transmission system offers ultra-responsive shifts, tailored power distribution, and an intuitive drive experience, ensuring the Atlas Cross responds perfectly to your every command.

Tailor Your Drive with Mode Selection

Every drive is unique, and with the Atlas Cross, you’re in control. The driving mode selection feature lets you tweak the driving dynamics to suit your mood. Whether it’s the fuel-efficient Eco, balanced Normal, spirited Sport, or the customizable Custom mode, every journey is truly yours to define.

2024 VW Atlas Lineup

2024 VW Atlas Cross


Starting at $51,560

Key Features:
● 18-Inch Miami machined alloy wheels
● 12.0-Inch touchscreen infotainment system
● KESSY – keyless access with push-start button and proximity unlocking
● Ventilated front seats

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2024 VW Atlas Cross


Starting at $58,560

Key Features:
● 20-Inch Plus machined alloy wheels
● Panoramic power sunroof
● Harman Kardon Premium Audio System with 10 speakers and a subwoofer
● Heated front and outer rear seats

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2024 VW Atlas Cross


Starting at $61,560

Key Features:
● 21-Inch Din machined alloy wheels
● R-Line exterior design
● Area View 360° camera system
● Head-Up Display (HUD)

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The Atlas Cross Awaits at Fifth Avenue VW

The 2024 VW Atlas Cross isn’t just a testament to automotive innovation; it stands as a beacon of what the future holds. Every facet of this vehicle showcases the audacious blend of elegance and performance. At Fifth Avenue VW, we invite you to not just witness but experience this marvel. Dive into our exclusive offerings, explore unmatched deals, and let the Atlas Cross redefine your driving narrative. The future awaits.