The 2023 VW Golf R Awaits at Fifth Ave VW

Dive into the epitome of automotive excellence with the 2023 VW Golf R, a harmonious fusion of luxury and dynamism. It’s not merely a drive but a statement of sophistication. At Fifth Ave VW, our curated inventory boasts both new and pre-owned gems, complemented by exclusive vehicle specials. Ready for a transformative journey? Let our expert team guide you. Contact us, experience the thrill firsthand, and redefine your driving narrative. Your elevated adventure beckons at Fifth Ave VW.


Nighttime Luminescence

The Golf R’s LED lighting system brightens even the darkest roadways. LED headlights and taillights enhance safety and style. Their bright white illumination improves visibility and reaction time while highlighting the Golf R’s aggressive, athletic style.

The Allure of Alloy

Reveal athletic elegance and swagger with the Golf R’s striking 19-inch alloy wheels. Meticulously engineered for tenacious grip and poised handling, they ensure confident, agile control around every bend. The intricate twin 5-spoke design makes a bold styling statement that reflects the performance pedigree of VW. Their generous 19-inch diameter lends a substantial, planted stance.



Opulence in Every Inch

Relish the embrace of luxury within the Golf R’s cockpit thanks to the available exquisite Nappa leather sport seats. Offering heating, ventilation and adjustability, they provide personalized comfort and support in a package comparable to a five-star lounge. Available two-tone color schemes add further dynamic flair.

Command Central

Explore the Golf R’s 10.25-inch configurable digital cockpit’s future technologies. It displays vital driving data and insights with flair, configurability, and intelligence. Vivid graphics and fast response times match your driving mood, making every trip feel individual.

The Sky Within Reach

Invite the grandeur of nature into the refined Golf R cabin through the available panoramic sunroof. At the push of a button, the expansive glass panel slides open to fill the cockpit with fresh breezes and scenic views. The experience promises an unparalleled driving escapade in harmony with the world’s beauty, making every journey more enjoyable.


Seamless Connection

Embark on a seamlessly connected journey within the Golf R thanks to wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. By effortlessly bridging your smartphone and infotainment system, this tech enables intuitive access to entertainment, maps, messages and more. The Golf R intelligently blends devices and your car into one unified interface.

Visionary Voyage

Elevate your drive with the Golf R’s available full-color head-up display. This advanced system projects essential driving data and navigation directions as transparent images layered directly over your view of the road ahead. By merging this critical information seamlessly with your forward field of vision, it enables intuitive, informed performance behind the wheel.

Tech at Your Fingertips

Interact with a world of technology on the Golf R’s responsive 9.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system. Vivid HD graphics coupled with recognizable menus and natural voice controls make every input a seamless experience. Whether using navigation, media playback or vehicle settings, the system makes accessing features as intuitive as your smartphone.


An Unyielding Commitment in the 2023 Golf R

Volkswagen’s 2023 Golf R represents more than power and luxury—it symbolizes its commitment to passenger safety. Every drive is about arriving safely. Every Golf R ride is a testament to a car that prioritizes passenger comfort.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Harnessing advanced sensors, this system detects impending frontal collisions and swiftly activates the brakes. Its goal? To avert accidents or lessen their impact, providing an added layer of safety on every drive.


Heartbeat of the Beast

Awaken exhilarating turbocharged performance with the Golf R’s muscular 315-hp 2.0-liter TSI engine. Delivering potent low-end torque and a thrilling surge of power at higher RPMs, this four-cylinder turbo utterly transforms everyday drives into grinning, adrenaline-surging adventures. It provides the visceral audible and sensory experience that performance fans crave.

Mastery in Motion

With its sophisticated 4MOTION all-wheel-drive technology, the Golf R gives you more control and increased confidence on the road. This cutting-edge technology provides responsive, accurate control in all situations by continuously measuring and vectoring torque to ensure optimal traction. When pushed to its limits, the virtually unflappable Golf R maintains its grounding and composure.

Drive, Defined

The Driving Mode Selector on the Golf R allows you to further customize your driving experience. You may adjust the engine, transmission, steering, and chassis parameters to fit your mood by turning a dial. The Golf R tunes up the ideal dynamic personality, whether you’re looking for smooth, efficient cruising or fast, exhilarating sprints.

2023 Golf R Line Up

The 2023 VW Golf R

Golf R

Starting at $51,010

Main Features
● Nappa leather seating surfaces with R logo
● 19-Inch Estoril alloy wheels
● Dynamic Chassis Control with Driving Profile Selection
● Head-Up Display (HUD)

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The 2023 VW Golf R

20th Anniversary Edition

Starting at $53,510

Main Features
● 19i-Inch Estoril black alloy wheels
● 4MOTION All-Wheel Drive with rear axle torque vectoring differential
● 20th Anniversary – Special Edition
● Panoramic power sunroof

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Unleash Exceptionalism with the Golf R

The 2023 VW Golf R masterfully blends elegance and sheer exhilarating power, redefining luxury performance. More than a car, it’s a captivating game-changer. If this hatchback’s alluring mix of style and capability excites you, our team eagerly awaits to assist. Discover new and pre-owned inventory gems, capitalize on specials, and expedite your purchase through our streamlined online tools. But to truly grasp the magic of this athletic dynamo, schedule a test drive at our showroom. Your next adventurous chapter awaits behind the wheel. Heed the siren call of the Golf R.