Revolutionize Your Drive with the 2024 VW Golf R at Fifth Ave VW

Elevate your driving experience with the 2024 VW Golf R. Dive deep into a realm of unparalleled agility and power with the latest iteration of VW’s iconic hot hatch. Explore our extensive inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles, discover special offers tailored for you, and let our dedicated team guide you to your next automotive adventure. Schedule a test drive and visit Fifth Ave VW to feel the difference.


Dynamic LED Illumination

Experience a blend of athleticism and sophistication in the design of the Golf Rs exterior. The LED headlights and taillights not add to its appeal but also ensure exceptional visibility keeping you safe on the road regardless of time or weather conditions.

Aerodynamic Mastery with Spoiler & Diffuser

Every contour on the Golf R is purposeful. The rear spoiler and diffuser are not additions; they are meticulously engineered to enhance aerodynamics enabling the Golf R to effortlessly glide through the air with minimal resistance.


Leather-Clad Precision Steering

Inside the Golf R, you’re met with a premium feel at every touch. The leather-wrapped sport steering wheel is not just luxurious but designed for a firm grip, ensuring you remain in control at all times.

Comfort Beyond Expectation

Whether it’s a chilly morning or a long road trip, the heated front sport seats offer unparalleled comfort, enveloping you in warmth and providing the support you need for any journey.

Innovative Digital Cockpit

Stay informed and in control with the Golf Rs cockpit. Featuring a 10.25 inch screen it conveniently displays data like speed and navigation ensuring you have access to all crucial information.



Drive Smarter

The Golf R comes equipped with IQ.DRIVE, a suite of advanced features that assists you on the road, including adaptive cruise control, lane assist, park assist, and much more, ensuring each drive is seamless and safe.

Futuristic Head-Up Display

Keep your attention focused on the road using the head up display. It projects information such as speed, navigation routes and alerts onto the windshield eliminating the need to divert your eyes.

Stay Connected Wirelessly

With smartphone integration, in the Golf R your entire world is a touch away. Whether you prefer Apple CarPlay or Android Auto accessing your apps, music and contacts has never been more convenient or intuitive.


Safety First and Foremost

At its core, the Golf R is engineered with safety paramount. Equipped with advanced systems like Front Assist, this car not only drives well but also ensures you and your loved ones are protected.

Front Assist

An extra set of eyes on the road, Front Assist actively monitors traffic, alerting you of potential collisions. In critical situations, it can take control, applying emergency brakes to prevent or minimize impact.



Turbocharged Engine

Experience the power of the Golf R with its turbocharged 2.0L TSI engine delivering a 315 horsepower and a mighty 295 lb ft of torque. Feel the exhilaration as you accelerate and unleash this beast with every press of the pedal.

Adaptable All-Wheel Drive System

No matter what terrain or weather conditions you encounter, rest assured that the Golf R’s adaptable 4MOTION all-wheel drive system will adjust and distribute power for traction, stability and performance.

Tailor Your Drive

Personalize every drive with the Golf R’s driving mode selection. Choose from modes like Comfort for relaxed city driving, Sport for enhanced responsiveness, or drift for those who crave adrenaline-pumping adventures.


2024 Golf R Lineup

2024 VW Golf R

Golf R

Starting at $51,410

Key Features:
● 4MOTION All-Wheel Drive with rear axle torque vectoring differential
● Dynamic Chassis Control with Driving Profile Selection
● 10.0-Inch touchscreen infotainment system
● Head-Up Display (HUD)

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Experience the Pinnacle of Performance with the 2024 VW Golf R

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