2024 Volkswagen Taos at Fifth Ave VW

Discover the epitome of precision engineering with the 2024 Volkswagen Taos. Hailing from the heart of Germany and now shining bright in Canada, this car redefines luxury on wheels. Turbocharged and pulsating with next-generation tech features, the 2024 Taos doesn’t just raise the bar—it sets a new standard. As you contemplate driving perfection, consider Fifth Ave VW as your destination. Immerse yourself in our expansive inventory of both gleaming new and trusted used vehicles, and get a glimpse of our special deals. And when the allure becomes too irresistible, our well-informed team is ready to arrange your test drive. Come, embark on a transformative driving journey.

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LED Brilliance

Navigate the world with the brilliance of LED headlights and taillights that grace the 2024 Taos. In addition to being practical, they make a fashion statement and ensure clarity during nighttime or late-night travels. The car makes a dramatic statement with these lights, drawing admiration and attention wherever it travels instead of quietly moving along.

Elegance on Wheels

Dive into a world where luxury meets functionality with the Taos’s sculpted 16-inch alloy wheels. These wheels are more than simply artistic marvels; they are engineering marvels that ensure a smooth ride and inject majesty and confidence into every bend and acceleration.


Opulent Comfort

Bask in the opulence of the 2024 Taos’s plush leatherette seating. Every inch is curated for a premium touch, balancing unparalleled comfort with a look that screams luxury. As you sink into its embrace, relish the easy maintenance it offers, ensuring your car remains pristine, trip after trip.

Warm Embrace

Fearlessly brave even the fiercest, bone-chilling winters with the Taos’s revolutionary heated front seats. Every journey becomes a warm embrace, ensuring that the outside cold never touches your world. Comfort isn’t a mere word with Taos—it’s a promise, making early morning rides and chilly evening ventures nothing short of cozy adventures.

Tailored Comfort

Elegantly redefine your in-cabin comfort experience with the Taos’s sophisticated Climatronic dual-zone automatic climate control. Gone are the days of bickering over temperatures. Both you and your cherished co-passenger can now individually fine-tune your respective comfort zones, transforming every journey into a harmoniously tailored experience of sheer, unrivaled comfort.


Multimedia Mastery

Command your entertainment universe with the 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system of Taos. It’s not just about playing songs—it’s about navigating a world of multimedia with intuitive ease, making every journey melodious, informed, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Your Digital Aide

Dive headfirst into a boundless world of invaluable information with the Taos’s avant-garde digital cockpit. This isn’t merely a display—it’s your trusted on-the-go companion, presenting insights ranging from speed to fuel consumption and beyond in strikingly vivid, crystal-clear graphics, ensuring you’re perpetually in the loop, each drive after another.

Auditory Euphoria

Let the groundbreaking BeatsAudio premium sound system in the Taos effortlessly transport you to a realm of audio nirvana. Every intricate note, every pulsating beat, is rendered with unparalleled clarity and profound depth. With the Taos, you’re not just passively listening—you’re actively experiencing music, magically turning mundane trips into spellbinding rhythmic escapades.


Philosophy of Protection

With the visionary 2024 Taos, safety isn’t just an item on a mundane checklist—it’s a deeply ingrained philosophy. Every curve, every meticulously crafted button stands testament to Volkswagen’s unwavering commitment to ensuring both you and your loved ones are cocooned in safety. With a rich fusion of pioneering driver assistance features and groundbreaking safety technology, the Taos transcends being just a car—it’s your vigilant guardian on wheels.

Smart Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control is an intelligent driving feature that automatically adjusts a vehicle’s speed, ensuring it maintains a safe and predetermined distance from the car in front, enhancing safety and driving convenience.


Eco Powerhouse

Delight in discovering a harmonious symphony of unbridled power seamlessly intertwined with sustainability, thanks to Taos’s 1.5-liter turbocharged engine. This engineering marvel doesn’t just boast a heart-thumping 158 horsepower—it’s consciously designed to be environmentally friendly, courtesy of its resourceful fuel-efficient start-stop system, ensuring you blaze new trails without leaving a lasting carbon footprint behind.

Shifting Gears

Experience the sheer joy of driving precisely on your terms. Whether you’re a purist craving the raw, unfiltered connection of a six-speed manual or you yearn for the smooth, uninterrupted flow of an eight-speed automatic, the Taos meticulously caters to your every nuanced whim, ensuring every journey is unmistakably and uniquely yours.

Customizable Drive

Why ever settle for a singular driving experience? With the Taos’s advanced driving modes—Eco, Normal, Sport, and Custom—you wield the unparalleled power to tailor each exhilarating drive. Whether you’re traversing rugged terrains or navigating urban mazes, find your perfect drive rhythm every single time.

2024 Taos Line Up

2023 Volkswagen Taos


Starting at $30,072

● LED headlights and taillights

● Heated front seats

● 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system

● Black roof rails

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2023 Volkswagen Taos


Starting at $34,072

● Leatherette seat surfaces

● Keyless access

● 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system

● 8-way power driver seat

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2023 Volkswagen Taos


Starting at $40,672

● 18-inch Fiji alloy wheels

● Satellite navigation

● Leather seat surfaces

● Digital Cockpit Pro

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Drive Your Narrative, The 2024 VW Taos at Fifth Ave VW

Experience more than just a car with the 2024 VW Taos—it’s a statement of taste, power, and aspiration. Crafted for those who understand that life is in the details, it stands as a beacon of automotive perfection. At Fifth Ave VW, we pledge more than just a transaction; we offer a lifelong journey of unparalleled driving adventures. Delve deeper into our curated inventory, discover both new treasures and trusty classics, and seize the exclusive deals waiting just for you. Thinking about financing, let our online tools guide you. And, when you’re ready to truly understand what Taos offers, our passionate team awaits your call, ready to set the stage for your next great driving chapter. Experience the 2024 Taos, and let your story begin. Visit us soon.