A Closer Look at the Volkswagen GTI

If you look up “hot hatch” in the dictionary, there will inevitably be a photo of the first Volkswagen GTI next to the description. The granddaddy of hot hatches, the VW GTI wasn’t just a feat in design, it was an engineering win, as well, and one that’s continued to improve and garner a mass following over its 45 years on the road.

Since it first emerged with a fuel-injected 1.6L engine capable of 180km/hr, the GTI has grown in size and in power, as well as amenities and a rather large cult following. But all for good reason.

Over the decades, the Volkswagen GTI has continued to impress when it comes to exterior and interior design, as well as performance. The hatch is such a well-balanced, high-performing vehicle that it’s hard to beat it, even when put in a head-to-head with like-minded hot hatches.

So, what makes the Volkswagen GTI so great?

Let’s forget about history for a second because we already know the VW GTI had a good one with models that continued to improve on performance, technology and design, often well ahead of the curve. And instead, we’ll look to the future with the upcoming next-generation GTI.

If we’re to believe rumours from the automaker’s home country, then the upcoming VW GTI could see a power boost from the current generation’s 228 ponies all the way to 300 horsepower. This would make perfect sense since one of the GTI’s direct competitors, the Civic Type R already boasts 305 ponies…

Of course, it’s not just the Volkswagen GTI’s power that makes it so alluring, so too does the drive and the technology. Everything about the GTI is classy and more upscale than you might think. Quality materials and an exterior design that’s pretty timeless ensure that your GTI will age gracefully, and you’ll be hard pressed to want to give it up any time soon … that is, of course, until the rumoured 300-horsepower version hits the streets.