Android Auto and Apple CarPlay explained

Car manufacturers are always looking for the latest technologies to offer their customers. To stand out, a given model most stand out at every level and buyers want more and more technology in their vehicles. This need for innovation has led in recent years to two new technologies, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


If you've tried to buy a vehicle recently, you know how often we hear about Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technologies. These two devices are intended to ensure a better connection between your phone and the car and improve safety as well. That sounds all well and good, but don’t we already have that with Bluetooth?


This is the question that many people ask themselves. Let's take a closer look because ultimately, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are more than just Bluetooth.


Apple CarPlay and Android Auto: A high-end Bluetooth system


We could indeed characterize the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay devices as more advanced Bluetooth systems. They allow you to make calls, but they also simplify interactions between you and your mobile device via the car.


Specifically, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto display the screen of your phone on the central screen of the car with the same icons that you find on your mobile device. Users are therefore more familiar with the system, and they find the functions they want more easily.


Moreover, because your apps are transferred to the car, you can use most of them as you are driving. Examples include Google Maps and your music player. In other words, if you do not have a navigation system in your car, you can stil get your vehicle to give you directions using Google Maps.


Finally, SIRI and Ok Google voice commands are also available through the car. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it's really as if your mobile phone was part of the car. For more information, contact us today at Fifth Avenue Volkswagen!