Discover: Volkswagen’s Impressive Audio Options

When it comes to audio in your automobile, having a good system can really mean the difference between that perfect morning commute or weekend cruise, and a mundane trip from point A to point B. Music is the soundtrack to our lives, and we all have that special style and type of music we love to listen to. And we want our cars to reproduce our favourite tunes in exactly the way they were meant to be heard. Volkswagen understands this.


That’s why Volkswagen teamed up with Fender and Dynaudio to elevate their audio experience in a selection of their vehicles.



Let’s start with Fender. When Volkswagen launched their latest edition of the new Beetle in 2011 (actually dropping the “new” from the vehicle’s official title), they also announced the introduction of their partnership with Fender audio systems. Working with sound engineers, the Fender system was perfectly calibrated to treat the round-roofed Beetle like the perfect concert hall.


Since then, Volkswagen has integrated Fender audio systems into a number of other models in their lineup.


At the moment, you can find a 12-speaker Fender Premium Audio System that features an innovative centre speaker, as well as dual voice speakers for dramatic front stage imaging, along with unique third-row speakers so no passenger is left out of the experience. The Tiguan features Panasonic speaker technology paired with Fender to bring you a 9-speaker experience with improved audio staging and imaging.


Moving into the Volkswagen car models, the Passat has a 9-speaker system with specially designed front dual coil speakers that offer extended range, and the entire system that delivers harmonic richness throughout the car’s cabin. And in the Golf, Fender’s 9-speaker system delivers uncompromising clarity for all passengers – and the subwoofer is cleverly packaged in the trunk so as not to eat into cargo space.


But the crème de la crème is the system found in the Volkswagen Beetle. This is Fender’s most advanced Premiu Audio system. This was the first ever 12-speaker Fender system to be found in a vehicle, and it features a centre channel speaker and ensures every single passenger in the Beetle has the same auditory experience as the next.



Of course, Fender isn’t the only option. Volkswagen also paired with Dynaudio, a Danish company that started its alliance in the automotive world with Volvo, is now an OE speaker supplier for Volkswagen on certain models.


If the Fender system doesn’t tickle your fancy, then the Volkswagen Golf can be outfitted with a speaker system that includes four tweeters, four woofers and a subwoofer for ultimate clarity and depth of sound.


And if the all-new and absolutely stunning Volkswagen Arteon hadn’t already caught your eye, well it will now. There’s an available Dynaudio system that includes 12 speakers. There’s a centre speaker, as well as four woofers (two 6.5” and the other two measuring 8” each), and the subwoofer is cleverly stored in the trunk.


Music is the background sound to our lives, and when you spend a great deal of time in your car, your entertainment system becomes a huge part of the drive experience. That’s precisely why Volkswagen paired with the audio companies it did, in order to bring you the very best auditory experience it could, audiophile or not.


To find out more about Volkswagen’s premium audio systems across its lineup, head down to your local Fifth Avenue Volkswagen to speak to one of our experts.