How to buy summer tires without making a mistake

As summer approaches, many motorists will soon have to purchase new tires. If this is your case, here is what to consider before placing your order.


Find the right tires…


We cannot say it enough, tires are of paramount importance for your safety and that of your passengers. After all, it’s the only point of contact between the road and your Volkswagen. It is therefore important to choose quality tires. To make a wise choice, do your research online or speak to an in-store expert here at Fifth Avenue who can direct you to the right set of summer tires. These tires were approved for your Volkswagen vehicle and they will surpass your expectations.


… And the right size


Like a pair of shoes, tires are produced in different formats and it is important to choose the one that matches the model of your car. In most cases, the format of your old tires will be the same, unless you have changed the wheels on your vehicle. If in doubt, your dealer can guide you to the right solution.


Don’t buy from just anywhere


When you make a major purchase like a set of tires, you obviously want to make it from a merchant you trust. At Fifth Avenue Volkswagen, you can be sure you'll get the best after-sales service and know where to turn in the event of a problem. We can also offer you exclusive services such as balancing and installing your tires, and storing your winter tires until next season.