How to properly disinfect and clean your vehicle’s interior

The current crisis surrounding the coronavirus leads us to ask questions about how we disinfect our environment. There is of course your home and your workplace, but your vehicle also deserves some attention. Here are some tips for effective and safe cleaning of your interior materials.

Elements to prioritize

The interior of your vehicle is large, but the items to prioritize during cleaning are those that are often in contact with your hands or those of your passengers: door handles, console buttons, steering wheel, and transmission lever. These elements are most at risk of harboring bacteria that could be harmful to you. Keep this in mind and pay special attention when cleaning.

Clean the interior with an appropriate product

It may be tempting to use an alcohol-based antiseptic for effective disinfection, but this is not recommended in your vehicle. This can damage certain materials which could dry out and never regain their luster. The use of soap is therefore the right choice, as are products specially designed for car maintenance.

As often as possible

Now more than ever, cleaning our own hands and all the surfaces around us regularly is a must. Repeat the exercise as often as possible, and you probably want to keep wipes and a little soap on board at all times.