Shopping for a vehicle online: easier than you think!

Times are changing, and the way people buy a car has also changed dramatically in recent years. Some consumers even go as far as completing their online shopping process in the comfort of their living room. Want to try? Here's how.

Start by getting informed

Obviously, you don't buy a car like a pair of shoes. For the majority of consumers, purchasing a vehicle is the second most important expense of a lifetime after buying a home. It is therefore essential to be well informed.

Many specialized websites on the Internet are here to help you determine which vehicle is right for you. Don't be shy to check out these test drives. When you have reduced your choice to two or three models, you can even find comparisons that will allow you to weigh the pros and cons of each.

Configure your vehicle

When you have decided on a model, it's time to go to your dealer's website to configure it the way you want. You can choose its color, its powertrain and the options that you like. Of course, your dealer is always available if you have any questions.

Configure your payment

Still on the web configurator, you can even configure your payment and compare the cost between leasing and financing, for example. All this without even having to leave your home!