The benefits of buying a certified pre-owned vehicle

If you are looking for a pre-owned vehicle, you have the option to buy a certified vehicle or a regular used vehicle. If you are unsure of the benefits of a pre-owned vehicle certification program, this article might enlighten you. In general, a pre-owned vehicle certification program includes a full inspection, various extended warranty options and lower interest rates.


The inspection


Buying a pre-owned vehicle involves risk and uncertainty. Purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle removes this risk component and provides a pre-owned vehicle that has been inspected in detail on several hundred points by a certified mechanic. The warranty covers the main mechanical components, the interior and the vehicle body. If a problem is detected, it will be repaired using only original parts.


The extended warranty


Buyers can get a full extended warranty with a certified pre-owned vehicle. There are often several choices of extended warranties that adapt to our needs and the use we intend to make of the vehicle. With an extended warranty, you always have peace of mind.




Certified pre-owned vehicles are offered at more affordable financing rates than traditional pre-owned vehicles. These rates are often less than 5% while the majority of pre-owned vehicles that are not certified can sometimes have 10-percent interest rates attached to them. In other words, it’s always more affordable to purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle.


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