The Volkswagen 4Motion AWD system explained

Volkswagen offers its customers one of the most sophisticated AWD systems in the industry. Able to transfer power in real time in all kinds of situations, 4Motion is your guardian angel when the road is snowy, icy or wet.

Available on Tiguan and Atlas SUVs as well as Arteon and Passat sedans, 4Motion is also available on the Volkswagen Golf R. In other words, 4Motion is so versatile that it fits any vehicle while enabling the driver of this vehicle to achieve class-leading performance, comfort, safety and handling.

4Motion can also be adjusted using different driving modes offered on most VW models. Now, let's take a look at the situations where 4Motion can be useful.

When driving on an uneven road

When we drive on a damaged road with potholes, the wheels will not have the same degree of grip. 4Motion is able to distribute power from one road to another to ensure perfect stability.

When climbing a hill

Front wheels lose grip on a slope. However, with 4Motion, it is possible to climb the hill optimally as the power will be transferred backwards or forwards in order to obtain an ideal torque distribution and better traction.


When towing

When towing, the front end of the vehicle tends to lift slightly. To counter this phenomenon and ensure that all four wheels help pull the load, 4Motion can send power to the front or maximize traction at the rear by transmitting more power on the appropriate axle.

When cornering

In high-speed cornering, 4Motion can apply the inner front wheel brakes to increase stability and slighshot us through the curve.

When the road is snowy

When the road is icy or snowy, you need an all-wheel drive system that can react quickly to counter the loss of adhesion experienced by the different wheels. 4Motion is one of the fastest systems available today and can provide rock solid stability regardless of road conditions.

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