Tips for getting your car ready for winter

Winter hasn’t officially arrived yet, but snow has in some parts of the province. Granted many regions haven’t seen a snow fall just yet, but still, we all know it’s not far off. With winter closer than ever, Octobre can be a good time to get ready for it. Here are a few tips to get ready.

The first thing you want to do is book your appointment for your winter tires right away. Spots tend to fill up and you want don’t want to be stuck with summer tires when the first snowstorm hits.

It’s also a good time to book an appointment for a maintenance service that will get your car ready for the long winter months and the challenges they can pose to your vehicle’s mechanics.

You may want to look into getting your vehicle’s body protected with a wrap to prevent small rocks and dirt in winter from damaging your vehicle. You can also look into winter mats and other protective accessories to get ready for winter and protect your vehicle’s interior.

Contact our service department today to learn other tricks to get your vehicle ready for winter, and let us help you today!