Volkswagen details even more ambitious electrification plan

Volkswagen is very clear with its intentions to become an industry leader when it comes to electrification. The German automotive giant has already announced plans to develop a complete lineup of new electric vehicles in the next few years, and earlier this month Volkswagen announced an even more ambitious plan to develop even more electrified vehicles.

Volkswagen indeed announced a plan to unveil 75 electric vehicles and 60 hybrids in the next 10 years. Volkswagen also said that by 2029, it would be selling 26 million EVs worldwide as well as 6 million hybrid vehicles.

To reach its ambitious objectives, Volkswagen plans to have at least 20 million vehicles make use of its all-new MEB platform which is designed specifically for electric vehicles. This platform is at the heart of VW’s strategy, and it is needed if VW hopes to build this many electrified vehicles.

Volkswagen’s first new-generation electric vehicle, the Volkswagen ID.3, has started production and will go on sale next year in Europe.