Volkswagen ID.4 Electric SUV Planned for April in New York

Volkswagen will unveil the production version of its latest electric vehicle when it debuts the Volkswagen ID.4. The unveiling will take place at the New York Auto Show in April although don’t be surprised if you see the car before that in March at the Geneva Motor Show. What’s certain is that by the time spring rolls around, Volkswagen will have showed us what it has in store for its fully electric sport utility vehicle.


The Volkswagen ID.4 was introduced in concept form before, but the car we will see in the next few months is the production version. We don’t know too much about it just yet, but expect it to offer roughly the same range as the production Volkswagen ID.3 model unveiled at the last Frankfurt Motor Show. The ID.3 offers buyers various battery packs for different range levels and performance, and the ID.4 should do the same.


The main difference between the two is that the ID.4 is an electric SUV which is better tailored to the North American market. From the concept images we’ve seen so far, we can’t wait to see what Volkswagen has in store.