Volkswagen planning a logo change

Volkswagen will be a major player at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, which opens in a few weeks. As is the case every year, Frankfurt will be the Volkswagen show and for the occasion, the German manufacturer has a range of important announcements planned about its future including the possibility of changing its logo.

This is a change of era for Volkswagen and this significant change of logo will be the starting point of a revival at Volks. The current logo comprised of the superimposed "V" and "W" dates back to 1938 and is one of the most recognized emblems in the world. Volkswagen, however, wishes to emphasize its transition to electrification with a strong message that times are changing.

According to Volkswagen Director of Operations Ralf Brandstatter, the Francfort International Auto Show will mark a key step in the renewal of Volkswagen and the launch of a new "New Volkswagen" ideology that will govern the German brand’s future products as well as its entire operations.

Volkswagen wants to change its image, but the change will not be easy. Volkswagen will have around 70,000 logos to replace globally and more than 10,000 dealer images.

In short, these are exciting times at Volkswagen. We will be there to talk about all the changes during the second week of September when the Frankfurt Auto Show opens. Stay tuned!