Volkswagen unveils new Tarok Concept at the New York Auto Show

Volkswagen is testing the waters to see if consumers in North America might be interested in a mid-sized pickup. The German automaker unveiled the Tarok concept at the New York Auto Show and admitted the point was to gauge market reaction for a VW pickup truck. Volkswagen has been building pickups for years, but not for the North American market. That could change with the Tarok.

According to Volkswagen spokesman Mark Gillies, there’s sentiment in North America that the vast majority of pickups are too big and drink too much fuel. Volkswagen believes that there are buyers who need the versatility and the interior space offered by a pickup, but don’t want the fuel consumption or bulkiness that comes with it. A mid-sized model like the Tarok could be the perfect size for what many buyers want.

There are a ton of exclusive innovations in the brand-new Volkswagen Tarok including a foldable panel behind the Tarok’s rear seat which can increase the length of the bed to over 73 inches. In other words, it can carry everything and anything you need it to.

Powering the Tarok is a powerful 147-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the same four-cylinder engine that powers the Volkswagen Golf. Tried and true, this engine ensures optimal efficiency and power while also offering a payload of over 2,200 pounds. Other features include a 9.2-inch infotainment screen and a removable Bluetooth speaker.