Volkswagen’s Safety Features Explained

As vehicles have evolved over the years, no only have they become more efficient and more comfortable, but they have also become much safer. Manufacturers across the industry are integrating more and more safety systems to ensure drivers and passengers arrive safely, no matter the weather or road conditions. Volkswagen is among those manufacturers looking to keep their owners safe on the road at all times.

Volkswagen Driver Assistance Features

Volkswagen is all about putting the people before the car; therefore they spent a great deal of time coming up with a safety system that ensures the well-being of everyone onboard their vehicles.

Front Assist: Volkswagen’s Front Assist safety feature is an available front collision warning system that can alert you of an imminent collision. If the car sense you are about to drive into another car or object, it will apply Emergency Braking to help slow you down and alert you of the possible collision.

Adaptive Cruise Control: Along the same lines as the Front Assist, your Volkswagen can keep you cruising on the highway at a safe distance to the car in front via a system of sensors that tracks the car in front of you. So, if said car accelerates or brakes, your Volkswagen will maintain the same distance behind, keeping you both safe.

Blind Spot Monitor/Rear Traffic Alert: These systems are in place to provide “eyes” where you might not have them. While driving, if you attempt to change lanes and didn’t quite spot the car in your blind spot, your Volkswagen will alert you that something is there. And if you’re reversing out of a parking spot, Rear Traffic Alert will help notify you when there is an approaching vehicle coming in either direction about to cross your perpendicular path. This particular warning will produce an audible and visual warning, and if it needs to will also apply the brakes.

Park Assist/Park Pilot: These safety systems from Volkswagen are in place to help you better maneuver parking spots. Both systems rely on a series of sensors to automatically move you into and out of parking spots with only braking and gear selection input from the driver.

Lane Assist: While driving, lane assist ensures you keep to your own lane by “watching” the lane markers on each side and gently guiding your Volkswagen to keep in the middle of its given lane.

Light Assist: Your Volkswagen wants you to see where you’re headed at all times. Light Assist will automatically engage high beams in low-light situations, and dim them again if it senses an oncoming car or a well-lit road.

To find out more about Volkswagen’s safety systems, head down to your local Fifth Avenue Volkswagen dealer to speak to our experts.