What is the Digital Cockpit?

Volkswagen’s Digital Cockpit is a customizable high-resolution display dedicated to the driver


As cars and SUVs evolve, from infotainment to safety features and everything in between, drivers need and are expected to have a grasp on what’s going on. Volkswagen’s highly advanced Digital Cockpit is the driver’s best friend.


The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit is displayed on a large 12.3-inch thin-film transistor (TFT) screen with a 1,440 by 540-pixel resolution. It sits where a typical instrument panel would normally be position and that is behind the steering wheel, directly ahead of the driver.


The display permits the driver to fully customize the desired information when driving. In the simplest terms, it is a digital version of the analogue gauges, with options, we’ve become accustomed to for decades. The major difference is that the driver can select between various views, sets of displayed data and more.


In fact, by more, we mean that the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit can show any number of the following:


The traditional speedometer and tachometer are always available. Through various views, fuel economy, both over time and real time as well as driving range can be displayed. For those who enjoy keeping track of their immediate environment will love the available altimeter and compass. The Digital Cockpit can also display a beautiful and detailed map when using the navigation function. This allows the passenger to peruse through the many infotainment options without interrupting navigation. Finally, it is possible to view your contact list on screen and select who you want to call without ever releasing the steering wheel.


The driver can quickly and easily alter displays to get the information that is needed. Doing so can be done through the intuitive steering wheel mounted controls. This can be done at any given time and best of all, the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit will store up to four different display preferences by programming various driver settings. For example, it can adjust temperature, seat, and side-mirror angles at touch of a button.


The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit is available in many of our vehicles, including the Jetta, Jetta GLI, Atlas, Tiguan, Golf R and e-Golf.