Are Their Differences Between Original Equipment Manufacturer Car Parts and Aftermarket Car Parts?

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Original Equipment Manufacturer Vs. Aftermarket Car Parts

If you’re looking for automotive parts and aren’t sure what you need, you’ll want to read this information before you go out and buy your next car part. Every driver knows that a vehicle must be in good working order to be able to deliver the performance they expect from it. Helping to give you the best performance and reliability is a quality auto part, and not every part is made equal. Whether you do your own automotive repairs or you take it to your local dealership, using quality car parts is essential to the overall life and performance of your vehicle. Keep reading to learn more about what the differences are between these two types of automotive parts so you can make the best decision when repairing your vehicle.

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Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Car Parts

When you consider auto parts, you’ll have two different types of parts to choose from. You can go with original equipment manufacturer car parts or aftermarket car parts. Aftermarket car parts have many good things going for them and also a few things that aren’t so good. Some of the good things about aftermarket car parts include their lower cost, variety and availability. However, aftermarket car parts can have quality problems, they may not have a warranty, and the selection can be overwhelming to many do-it-yourself mechanics.

When it comes to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) car parts, there are also many advantages that you must consider and a few disadvantages to think about. For example, OEM car parts are made by your vehicle’s manufacturer and offer the exact match to the part they are replacing. OEM car parts also provide better quality compared to aftermarket car parts and can be easier to find. The best thing about original equipment manufacturer car parts is that they come with a warranty.

Pros of Choosing OEM Parts

  • Specifically built for your make/model
  • Broadly available through our parts department
  • OEM parts are covered by a warranty

Cons of Choosing Aftermarket Parts

  • Quality can vary wildly
  • Use can void vehicle warranty
  • Parts may not offer warranty protections

If you’re looking for the best car part for your vehicle, you can’t go wrong with the original equipment manufacturer part. While aftermarket car parts are readily available, they just won’t give you the quality your vehicle deserves. If you drive a new or used Volkswagen and want the best car part for it, visit us at Fifth Avenue Volkswagen.

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