What is the difference between a synthetic oil change and a conventional oil change?

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Synthetic Oil Change vs. Conventional Oil Change

Getting a regular oil change is extremely important for preventative maintenance as it helps extend the life of your vehicle. While many drivers know the importance of having the oil changed in their vehicles, not all of them know why it’s important and what type of oil to use. The next time you get an oil change, you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to choose the right type of engine oil. So, what is the difference between a synthetic oil change versus a conventional oil change? Keep reading to find out.

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Pros and Cons of Synthetic and Conventional Oil Changes

Synthetic Oil Change


  • Resists oil breakdown, which helps make it last longer
  • It withstands higher temperatures than conventional oil, which helps keep your engine running longer
  • Flows better in cold temperatures, which helps reduce engine wear during frigid startups


  • Cost is more expensive than a conventional oil change

Conventional Oil Change


  • Provides adequate protection against engine breakdown
  • Costs less than a synthetic oil change


  • It does not offer the same length of protection as synthetic oil
  • It needs to be changed more frequently

Synthetic oil used to be only for high-performance cars and has now become more popular with every type of vehicle as it offers more benefits than conventional oil. A lower viscosity oil helps to improve your engine’s fuel efficiency. While there are many benefits to using synthetic oil, you should really only use it if your vehicle asks for it.

Oftentimes, your decision as to which type of oil to use is made for you by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will specify the type of oil and grade that is best for your vehicle. If your vehicle requires synthetic oil, not giving it what it needs can jeopardize its warranty on any type of future engine troubles, so be sure to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to learn what type of oil it needs.

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