Volkswagen Regular Maintenance Interval Information

A stock photo of people performing maintenance on a vehicle.

How Often Does a Volkswagen Car Need Maintenance?

The automotive world is filled with tips, tricks and gizmos to help people get the most out of their vehicles. Sure, there are some components that can improve power or make steering more responsive. But, the vast majority of people just want to know that their car will start every time and that it will get them where they need to be. The best way to accomplish that is by keeping up with regularly scheduled maintenance, which is laid out in every automobile’s owner’s manual. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common maintenance needs for your VW vehicle.

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What is VW Minor Maintenance?

All vehicle maintenance is important. However, some issues are more important than others. Most Volkswagen vehicles should be taken to an authorized repair center, like the Fifth Avenue VW Service Department, every 15,000 km. This is called minor maintenance and it mostly consists of:

  • Examine front/rear brake pads
  • Change engine oil 
  • Replace oil filter
  • Reset maintenance reminder

Volkswagen Major Maintenance Tasks

Every time the odometer adds another 30,000 km, your Volkswagen vehicle is going to require a longer stop at the Fifth Avenue VW Service Department. This service interval prescribes additional checks of more systems that can affect more of the ownership experience. Owners coming to us for major maintenance will be getting:

  • Test battery
  • Check brake fluid
  • Brakes/shocks inspection
  • Check powertrain for damage
  • Make sure exterior lights are working
  • Calibrate TPMS
  • Examine tire tread condition
  • Check wiper blades/fluids
  • Replace cabin air filter (not required)

What Happens If You Skip Maintenance?

At least a few times a year, someone asks one of our service advisors about the consequences of skipping things like oil changes or other maintenance needs. So many things could go wrong, that a complete list isn’t really possible to put together. Suffice to say, nothing good will come from delaying schedule maintenance, be it major or minor. Oil that stays in an engine for too long will become all but useless. It will eventually leave deposits and sludge throughout the engine, which can potentially cause catastrophic damage. Additionally, neglecting recommended maintenance could void the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you have questions about how to take the best possible care of your vehicle, make an appointment with one of our product experts, today.