Why Automotive Detailing is Important Maintenance

A stock photo of a person washing a car.

Why Should You Detail Your Car?

If there is something we want every Fifth Avenue Volkswagen customer to know, it’s that regular maintenance is the best way to keep your vehicle in peak condition and stay ahead of small issues before they become major problems. Did you know that detailing your car, truck, or SUV is just as important to its overall maintenance — and for the same reasons? Sure, it feels good when your automobile looks good, but the importance of detailing it goes so much further. Let’s take a closer look at why you should be scheduling a detailing appointment at Fifth Avenue VW, today.

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Three Reasons to Have Your Car Detailed

Even if you get your car detailed just so it looks great, you’re actually doing something very smart, protecting your investment. We asked our detailing team why regular appointments, or even doing the work yourself at home, is so important.

1. Refresh Existing Protections

The paint on an automobile is for more than just to give it a pleasing colour or a sense of being unique. Automotive paint is meant to protect the underlying metal from the elements so the whole thing doesn’t fall apart in a pile of corrosion. The paint protects the metal and there are several things that can protect a car’s paint. Regularly cleaning dirt and other contaminants off the paint will protect the protective finish. Springing for the occasional wax is also a good idea.

In that same vein, it’s very important that you have dings, dents or paint scratches repaired as quickly as possible. Rust can set in very quickly where damage to the paint occurs.

2. Prevent Odours and Help With Allergies

If you spend a lot of time driving for work, running errands and getting kids to and from various activities, detailing is very important. Unpleasant odours can build up inside of a vehicle for any of several reasons, hough contact transfers from skin lotions and food crumbs are the two most common causes. Additionally, if you suffer from allergies, having the interior professionally vacuumed will make life a lot easier. Pet owners and people who spend a lot of time outdoors should really think about coming to us for professional detailing. Dander and other allergens can be easily removed with our equipment.

3. Protect Resale or Trade-in Value

When it comes time to find a new vehicle, you’ll be very happy you regularly had the current one regularly detailed. Very few people would pay top dollar for a dirty vehicle that looks like it wasn’t well-maintained. Plus, the advantage of having your car, truck or SUV is that you’ll have records to back up all your claims the vehicle was properly maintained. This will deter people from making low-ball offers during the negotiation process on this basis.

If you have any questions about how to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition, make an appointment with the Fifth Avenue VW Service Department, today.