5 Top Winter Auto Maintenance Tips

A white SUV on a snow-covered terrain

How To Prep Your Vehicle for the Upcoming Winter Season

Getting your vehicle ready for winter should be at the top of your to-do list this fall to ensure you remain safe and well-prepared for the upcoming severe winter conditions. Winters in Canada are unpredictable and can be brutal on your car, minivan, SUV or pickup truck if you don’t prepare for it beforehand. The extreme season can affect the functionality of the various engine and electrical components, including the braking system, fuel injectors, pistons and windshield wipers, which is why you need top tips to maintain and prepare it for the challenging months ahead. Follow along and learn five effective auto maintenance tips suggested by Fifth Avenue Volkswagen’s expert technicians to prepare your vehicles for winter. 

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5 Top Winter Auto Maintenance Tips 

1. Swap to winter tires

You can’t do winter maintenance without switching your summer or all-season tires with high-quality snow tires to improve traction and off-road balance. Winter tires feature broader patterns and deeper treads, which ensure maximum flexibility on sloppy and slushy road surfaces. 

2. Inspect your battery

The last thing you want in chilly winters is to get stranded on the road with a dead battery, meaning if you have a weak battery, now is the time to replace it. Don’t forget to protect your battery terminals with a battery protectant spray or silicone products, as they become prone to rusting during winter. 

3. Check your windshield wipers

Windshield wipers play a crucial role in clearing off melted snow from the windshield to increase visibility on the road. So if you notice some smearing when they are in use, make sure to replace them. And don’t forget to stock yourself with a winter windshield washer fluid for a safe and smooth journey on icy terrains.

4. Book a service appointment

Before winter, it’s essential to get your vehicle tested by an expert to ensure all the important engine components, electrical parts, and systems are working properly. A routine checkup will also check the engine oil levels and battery fluids to ensure smooth driving in the cold months. 

5. Ensure all lights are working properly

Your car’s lights, including headlights, tail lights and daytime running lights (DRLs), play a crucial role in guiding your path in gloomy and blurry winter conditions while keeping you safe throughout the journey. This is why you must take care of them and ensure they’re clean and clear for maximum illumination in challenging winter weather conditions. If required, replace the existing bulb with a high-beam alternative for more on-road clarity and enhanced visibility. 

If you need any more expert advice to prep your car for winter or need help with switching to winter tires, visit Fifth Avenue Volkswagen, as our certified technicians follow the best industry practices to take care of your car.