Are Punctures in Winter Tires Repairable?

A stock photo of a person fixing a tire with tape.

Can Winter Tires Be Repaired? 

Swapping to winter tires is a staple practice that most Canadians follow at the beginning of the winter season. Snow tires keep you safe and offer improved traction and stability to easily get through slippery and icy winter terrains. Shopping for winter tires is costly, which is why most car owners wonder whether they can be repaired in case of a puncture, irregular wear, bulge or impact. Follow along to learn what the experienced product specialists and technicians at Fifth Avenue Volkswagen have to say about winter tire repair. 

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When Your Snow Tires Can Be Repaired? 


Winter tires need proper inflation to function properly on challenging road surfaces, especially in winter. But when you notice your car pulling to one side or having difficulty moving, it may be because of a puncture that needs to be fixed as soon as possible to attain normalcy. Most punctures are repairable, especially when they are not deeper than ¼-inch (6 mm). Please note that you must also avoid driving your vehicle on a flat tire as this may damage it even more. 

Cuts and Gashes

In case of high-impact damage, the tires may likely get cuts and gashes. If the cuts are not deeper than ¼-inch, they can be fixed using a patch. But that may only help the tire to not lose any air through the hole, which means the cut can still affect the functionality of the snow tires and steel cords inside its rubber portion. 

Tire Damages That Are Not Repairable 

Not all tire damages are repairable. Though you can get the tires fixed temporarily, they may perform poorly or fail to maintain their integrity for longer. Following are a few cases when you should not choose to repair your winter tires for maximum safety on the road. 

  • Sidewall punctures 
  • Side Bubbles 
  • Existing repairs 
  • Punctures larger than 6 mm
  • Damaged tread section 

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