Do You Deflate Your Tires During Winter?

A stock photo of a flat tire.

Is It Good To UnderInflate Tires in the Winter? 

No driver wants to slide down on slippery winter terrains or get stuck in unwanted circumstances, which is why experienced technicians and manufacturers recommend switching to snow tires as soon as the temperature drops. Many drivers who often travel through snow-covered roads may not mind going to any length to gain maximum traction on winter road surfaces to ride comfortably. This includes employing different strategies like using the all-wheel drive system or underinflating your winter tires. Deflating tires is one trick that mostly all drivers swear by for improved control over slippery and icy roads. Follow along to learn why deflating snow tires can be useful in winter and how they help you drive safely on the roads.  

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How Does Deflating Snow Tires Help With Improved Traction?

Traction means the friction between two surfaces; in this case, it is between your vehicle’s tires and the road. Underinflating your tires will increase the contact patch (area touching the ground) between the road and the tires, giving you more traction and control. This is why most drivers opt for this inexpensive trick to easily gain off-road balance and stability to drive across challenging winter road surfaces. 

Low Tire Pressure May Also Lead To

Like many other things, deflating snow tires also have some downsides, including:


  • Increased braking time: Underinflated tires may increase the stopping time and distance. Additionally, the vehicle may also skid more on wet road surfaces. 
  • Decreased tire durability: Due to more friction, snow tires may wear off faster than usual, making them vulnerable to severe damage. 
  • Poor fuel efficiency: Deflating winter tires can also affect fuel economy. Please note that a 1 PSI drop in the average tire pressure can lower the gas mileage by 0.2%. 



Get Your Winter Tires Checked at Fifth Avenue VW 

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