Genuine Volkswagen Tires and Wheels in Calgary, AB

There is no way to overstate how important tires are to an automobile. These humble rings of rubber can dictate how well a vehicle performs, how efficient it is and how quickly it will stop. The Fifth Avenue VW Parts Department can help customers find the genuine Volkswagen tires and wheels in Calgary, AB they’re looking for. Just like how there is a VW model to meet almost any need, there is a set of tires to match. There is a lot for vehicle owners to understand when it comes to buying tires. Fifth Avenue VW would like to walk you through some crucial information that you should probably know before it’s time for a new set of tires.

Winter Tire and Wheel Packages

Some people mistakenly use the terms ‘tire’ and ‘wheel’ interchangeably. Automotively speaking, this is incorrect. Tires, are, of course, tires and wheels are the actual metal wheel that is in the center. A set of winter tires that have its own rims make the annual switch much easier and less expensive. There are a few other reasons someone might want a dedicated set of winter tires and rims, including:

  • Winter wheel and tire packages are more durable and affordable together.
  • The resale on wheel and tire packages is higher than tires alone.
  • Continually removing and remounting tires can lead to loss of pressure and balance issues.
  • Having a dedicated set of wheels for winter tires can protect the car’s original equipment from pot
  • holes, which are more prevalent in the winter and early spring.

How Many Kinds of Winter Tires Are There?

Within the world of winter tires, there are three main categories to consider, general-purpose winter tires, winter performance tires, and LT winter tires. The other determining factor for what kind of tires a person needs will come down to what kind of vehicle they are driving. A sedan is going to have different tire requirements than a crossover SUV, and a pickup truck will be vastly different from those other platforms.

The secret to winter tires is contained within the formula used to produce them. Winter tires employ a special kind of rubber compound that will remain soft and pliable at temperatures below 7° C. Summer, and even all-season tires, will become too stiff to be effective in winter driving conditions. Additionally, winter tires for sedans, trucks and SUVs will have different tread patterns and features to aid them in maintaining proper traction.

Winter Performance Tires

High-performance vehicles don’t necessarily need to be put away for the winter, as long as the owner has the right set of wheels and tires. Winter performance tires are great for helping high-performance cars handle better and deliver power on snow-covered roads. There are even winter performance tires available for sporty SUVs.

LT Winter Tires

Winter can be such a brutal season that some vehicles, especially heavy-duty pickup trucks, will need specialized equipment to meet owners’ needs. LT winter tires are one such piece of equipment. These tires are specifically designed to provide the additional lifting capacity for heavy payloads while also still aiding with winter handling.

How Do Winter Tires Help With Handling?

The physics of winter driving is pretty simple. A slippery surface doesn’t provide enough resistance to safely maneuver or stop. Winter tires have a tread pattern and other elements that move ice and water away from the point where the rubber literally meets the road. When a vehicle loses traction, drivers can make mistakes by under- or over-steering. Additionally, winter tires can help drivers stop faster than they would with other kinds of tires. Especially if those tires have overly worn down treads.

What is Wheel Downsizing?

There is a convincing school of thought that selecting the smallest wheel diameter possible will help with handling during winter driving. Some of the benefits of wheel downsizing include:

  • Downsizing wheels will have narrower tires, which will cut through snow easier. The taller sidewalls will create more contact with the road.
  • Taller sidewalls will be more robust against common hazards, like potholes.
  • Wheel downsizing may also be more affordable than larger versions.

Are Summer Tires a Good Investment?

There is nothing quite like going for a drive on a warm summer day. Tires are built for just about any purpose like driving in winter conditions, heavy-hauling applications and off-road driving. Summer tires are built from scratch to provide enhanced handling on hot dry asphalt while also potentially promoting better fuel economy — in the summer. A lot of people who own high-performance vehicles will swap out their factory-installed tires for so-called summer tires. There is quite a bit of information to cover about these products before making a purchase and Fifth Avenue Volkswagen is eager to share it with customers.

How are Summer Tires Different?

It should come as no surprise that different tires use different rubber formulas. Additionally, summer tires also use different tread patterns than either all-season or winter tires. These specialized rubber formulas and tire treads combine to offer:<

  • Greater flexibility for better traction and handling characteristics
  • Better driving performance on wet roads
  • Lower rolling resistance for better fuel economy

A trade-off for using summer tires is that vehicle owners will almost certainly need to swap out for winter tires when the seasons change. The very rubber formulation and tread patterns that make summer tires ideal for hot, dry pavement will cause a litany of issues when the temperatures drop and the snow starts to fall.

Summer Tires for Light Trucks and SUVs

Historically, summer tires have been almost the sole domain of high-performance sedans, hatchbacks, etc. Now that light trucks and SUVs have become more popular, tire manufacturers have been quick to make summer tires available for these platforms. Of course, when someone chooses to put summer tires on a light truck or SUV they will have to make compromises in other areas — especially payload-hauling capacity.

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Winter driving is a concern everyone in our corner of the world needs to contend with, in one way or another. Having the right equipment will not only make driving safer but will also provide vehicle owners with more peace of mind. Anyone with questions about how the best way to prepare their vehicles for changing seasons should schedule an appointment with the Fifth Avenue VW, today.