Genuine Volkswagen Accessories

Factory-Approved Volkswagen Accessories in Calgary, AB

Volkswagen vehicles are modern marvels of automotive engineering. Every hatchback, sedan, and crossover SUV is meticulously designed to deliver promises of performance, efficiency and reliability. Volkswagen has also routinely been on the cutting-edge of automotive connectivity, allowing drivers and passengers to easily integrate many of their favourite digital devices into their daily commute. However, there is no way for any VW production facility to anticipate the extra features an individual Fifth Avenue Volkswagen customer may want. That’s why our parts department is ready to help you find factory-approved Volkswagen accessories in Calgary, AB, today.

What Kind of Accessories Can I Order?

Every Fifth Avenue VW customer is unique and will have different needs from their vehicle. The accessories available to order from our parts department will depend on which VW is parked in a customer’s driveway. Most Volkswagen platforms can have several waste bags options or other seat-mounted storage solutions to help keep the interior clean and organized. Are you worried about tracking mud into your car, floor mats and seat covers are also available for more VW vehicles.

Crossover SUVs have become the dominant vehicle platform on the road today. And Volkswagen produces some of the most popular SUVs available. Owners of VW Tiguan, Atlas, Golf AllTrack, and more will be able to add items like:

  • Plastic trunk liners
  • Cargo management systems
  • Luggage nets
  • Folding cargo boxes

Outdoor enthusiasts can also choose among various roof-top carriers or roof-mounted carriers for bicycles. Basically, if something needs to be carried to the woods, there is a system to help vehicle owners safely and securely attach it to a Volkswagen vehicle. 

Can I Order VW-Approved Cleaning Supplies?

Taking exquisite care of their vehicle is a common point of pride among Volkswagen owners. Using the wrong kind of cleaning products can lead to damaged paint or discoloured interiors. Fifth Avenue Volkswagen customers can order:

  • Car shampoo
  • Wheel cleaner
  • Tire gloss
  • Interior solvents
  • Leather conditioner
  • Microfiber cloths

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